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The upper echelon of premium, portable, cannabis vaporizers. An upgraded Nichrome coil in the atomizer regulates the ideal temperature for vaping.

Bhang Stick Vaporizer

Strain specific disposable cartridges filled with MedWest’s tested CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Available in All Natural, Pure Oil and Black Private Reserve.

Bhang Stick Refill Cartridges

Small and sleek compact case with USB charger. Perfect for pretty much anywhere.

Bhang Stick Battery Kit

Taking portability and convenience to the next level - a fully disposable e-cigarette pre-filled with our pure cannabis oil infused with coconut oil. Made with the highest quality components and materials. In your hand, it just feels right.


Bhang Perfecto

America’s best tasting, most consistent cannabis chocolate bars. Coming in four potency varieties including THC, CBD, & 50/50. Quality and consistency make this chocolate a 5 TIME CANNABIS CUP CHAMPION!

Bhang Chocolate Bars

Soft-gels made with MedWest’s CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Lab tested to ensure consistent levels of active cannabinoids. Available in 5ct bottles.

Soft Gels Capsules

CO2 extracted cannabis wax. Great for dabbing or vaporizing.

Amber Wax

The connoisseurs’ choice in CO2 extracted

cannbis wax. Ultra-refined for maximum

potency levels of THC.

Pure Gold Wax

A great tasting chewable pain reliever! A nonpsychoactive option to alleviating a wide-range of symptoms, discomforts, and ailments.

Bhang Gum

Smoke-free and discrete sublingual spray for patients seeking relief without the hassle of smoking. Available in both THC and CBD rich oils.

Bhang Spray

Syringes pre-filled with MedWest’s purest CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Comes in half and full gram sizes. Packaging indicates exact strain.

Cannabis Oil Syringes

With the use of a supercritical CO2 extraction process, Endoca has created the highest quality CBD hemp oil available.

Endoca CBD Hemp Oil